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navalchronicle's Journal

A Group Read of the Horatio Hornblower Novels
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In 1793, publication started on the predecessor to the fandom newsletter of the Age of Sail, The Naval Chronicle. In 1794, a seventeen year old midshipman supposedly goes to sea for the first time.

Whether this is your first time reading C. S. Forester's "Horatio Hornblower" novels or your fiftieth, come join us.


Schedule: We're just getting started, but with any luck, mumus will be more structured and formal than we are. For now, the plan is to work through the eleven novels at the speed of a book a month. We may speed up, or we may slow down. We may decide to let chronology go hang and just read whatever we feel like.

Our current book is Flying Colours.

Community content: Each week, we'll discuss three to five (or, um, sometimes more if that's what the book calls for) chapters from the novel we're covering -- what we found interesting, what we found boring, the contours of Forester's version of the Royal Navy, what we think is going on Hornblower's screwy head as opposed to what we think is actually going on in reality, how the film versions of the books treat that material, and so on and so forth.

The comment threads for each week almost always contain general spoilers about the other books. We spend a lot of time talking about how particular bits of text in the chapter at hand relate to things that happen elsewhere in the series, major subsequent developments, the general contours of Character X's personal hitory, etc. We rarely focus on particular plot developments, but if you're not familiar with the general outline of the Hornblower series and are strict about staying spoiler-free, you'll want to exercise caution.

Note: We are a reading group, not a club supporting a particular romantic pairing of fandom characters or "ship." We will, however, discuss the various women with whom Hornblower becomes sexually involved. We will also talk about sexual or romantic relationship between parties of the same gender.

If you're not comfortable with this, navalchronicle may not be the reading group for you.
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